My name is Martijn Hage born on 2 April 1964 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I studied Graphic Design at the Academy of Arts Minerva in Groningen and graduated in 1989.


As a boy I made highly detailed figurative pen drawings, in that time the word digital I had not never heard of. At the Academy of Arts I started with an Apple II, first black and white later 64 colors to work with. At that time the only presentable way was photographic paper, nowadays there are far better possibilities. Continuously pioneering, the computer screen is my canvas and software my digital tool set for creative expression. I am convinced that creating art is not about which technique is used, but more, does it present the inner expression of the artist in any way possible? Digital art is like other art forms, a medium on its own.


My artwork is created in 3-dimensions and that gives me the unique approach to act like sculptor, painter and photographer in one. Characteristic in my work are my imaginary sometimes futuristic worlds where nature and technology are coming together. Let me say a mix of organic and mechanic. Sources for my inspiration are nature, technology, archeology and mythology. Titles of my artwork do often have a reference in soft and hardware terminology.


I work in high details and present my artwork in large formats, printed on quality material like Dibont or Acrylic Glass. My artwork is available as fine art prints, each one is unique and one of a kind (see shop).