My name is Martijn Hage born on 2 April 1964 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I studied Graphic Design at the Academy of Arts Minerva in Groningen and graduated in 1989.


Driven by my quest to find the origin of life, I create my own semantic building blocks to express myself in a self named morphographic language. You could use the term 'organic abstraction', compositions of organic and geometrical elements. My artwork evolves like by artificial selection using selfmade generative algorithms. A digital exploration process, iteration by iteration, always in control of randomness and order in shape, color and composition. Inspiration I find in nature, technology, archeology and fossils. It all comes together in the real world by digital techniques like 3D Printing, CNC-milling, AR and VR. My latest fascination is to combine digital techniques with natural material like mycelium. Have a look at my circular based art & design projects!